com key shows web domain name

A name of a person plays an important role in setting up his first impression. If you are a model, then a name like Sweety may not draw much attention from others, but a name like Sharon would not only sounds more stylish, but would also compliment your profession and thus, would generate a better interest among people. The same theory holds true for domains as well.

Why Are Domain Names Important:

Internet is a virtual world; you will hardly meet the owner of the an e-store from which you are buying a product and as the client is only going to decide on whether to buy a product from your e-store or not, you should not leave anything to chance and make sure that you give a good impression to the client from the word go. And a website starts with a domain name! So, you can understand that a good and apt domain name can play a very important role in the success of your site.

Benefits of a Domain Name

Now the question arises, what’s the benefits of a domain name? Well, there are two ways of looking at it. First of all, you should be clear about your needs and the purpose for which you want to have a domain and then select a suitable domain name accordingly. The two types of domain name that works best are:

a) Brandable domain name

b) SEO friendly domain names

From the above two, the first category of brandable domain name is suitable for a business who has a good promotional budget. If you are prepared to spend good amount of money for branding of your website, then you can buy a brandable domain; something that suits the nature of your website and gives a nice feel and appeal to it. An example for a brandable domain could be Google (for
search engine) and LinkedIn (for a business network). These sites obviously spend millions of dollars in their promotion and therefore can select a name which is just ‘cool’. The same can be also done for smaller businesses, with a decent budget.

However, if you operate hundreds of websites and are looking for a profitable domain, then you should select a SEO rich domain. Such a domain has a mix of relevant keywords related to the niche of your site and can also have some relevant back links and age. Some examples of SEO rich domain could be a 10 year old domain like which has keyword phrase ‘buy cars’ in it which
will give it good standing in search engines. If it’s aged and have some relevant back links from its past record, then they too will be helpful while developing a niche related site which sells cars. In this way, one can understand the importance of a domain name in a site and should consider these points while selecting one for self.