Ways to Save the Planet
Earth is not dying as such, but with the advancement of technology, it is definitely getting

deteriorated gradually and we need to do something about it. So, what can we do in this matter?

Ways to Save the Planet

Well, we can play an important role in making the earth a great place to live in because it is

after all us, the humans that have played the most important role in development of the planet.

Other species, plants and animals included are not expected to do something dramatic which will

affect the future of the earth, but we as humans, can definitely make efforts, which can go either

way. Science has got some advantages and some disadvantages. We have to make sure that all

technological developments are done while keeping their impact on the nature in view and anything

that indicates a threat to nature should be prohibited or if it is vital, then at least minimized.

The above was meant for the elite class of scientists. That does not mean that other normal beings

can not contribute their part in making this planet more beautiful and natural. Here is what everyone

can do:

Tips on Saving Earth

a) Plant more trees: Trees are one of the best gifts of nature. Not only they keep the pollution

level under control, but also give us a variety of delicious fruits. If everyone commits

himself of taking care of at least one tree in his life, then there will be an addition of billions

of trees every years, which will make a drastic change in the overall environment and that

change will be for the good!

b) Minimize use of motor vehicles: In this way, pollution can be control to a great extent. The

less fuels are used; the lesser will be the pollution. Try to walk or cycle your way for short

distances. This will not only save lots of energy fuels, but will also keep you healthy!

c) Organic food: We can also contribute to the nature by using organic food. Organic foods are

the ones, which are derived from natural ways, or by the least processing. The crops are not

treated with pesticides and or any other chemicals to increase the productivity, nor are the

fruits stored in cold storage before they are bought in the market. In this way, one does not

only get the food in its purest form, but it also helps in minimizing the use of chemicals for

processing the food,` which ultimately benefits the environment.