A Brown labrador in a grass field
Puppy digging is annoying habits of little dogs dig hungrily and intensely excavating the ground. This practice can be accounted as one inherent behavior for hoarding food or for finding something. If a puppy comes from a hunting breed, it is most likely to adapt the innate hunting skills of its predecessors. Some puppies do it out of boredom or when they are running after a rodent who goes deep in the ground.
Some puppies dig to release some intense anger or emotional outburst and they find the habit calming.

Some dig for the sole purpose of finding a cooler place to lie down and be physically relaxed. Digging is in a way a comforting habit for dog.If you are looking for ways to make you puppies stop digging holes, the first thing that you should do is to see to it that the daily needs of your puppy is catered to. You have to create a safe haven for your puppies to make them more at home, comforted and confident. Devise activities for your dogs to keep their paws busy. Some dog owners find it helpful even to bury dog poop in the holes the puppy managed to excavate in the garden. After finding out the smell of his poop in it, you will notice that your puppy will no longer scour that area. You can increase the security of your garden by adding mulches or chicken wired to stop them from entering your precious garden.

Restricting your puppies to a limited area can also make them irritating and they can start to dig around to release this irritation. In such a case, it would be better to free puppies and let them be active for at least some definite hours of the day. That way, they will gradually become more disciplined and involve themselves in more creative activates than digging.

Lastly and the most effective, provide a dog space. Get or make a sand box of his own where you can tuck away his bones and let him search for it, if he tries to dig in some other areas, train him by issuing an authoritative command that will make him stop and bring him back to his own space. The puppy will grow learning this trick and you will save yourself from worrying about holes in your garden later on. All these methods would be helpful in dealing with the problem of digging.