While buying a dog, you never know how much the puppy can trouble when he gets big and stats to bark! A dog which is considered as a chronic barker is something very annoying. No matter what the reasons why a dog barks, it is really a nuisance to have dogs which are chronic barkers. But before learning the best ways to stop dog barking, it is very important to learn first the reasons why dogs bark.

Your dog tends to bark die to the following reasons:

  • Dogs usually bark to attract or catch the attention of their owners
  • Dogs usually bark because they want to notify their masters of the strangers coming to their territory
  • Dogs usually bark due to unusual situations or events
  • Dogs usually bark because they want to defend their property or their master
  • If they are tied at a place for a long time and they are not kept free, puppiesoften start to feel uncomfortable and start to bark.

If you are a dog lover, you may not want to consider your barking dog a sort of annoyance especially when the reasons of the dog to bark is to catch your attention due to certain dangers or unlikely situations. Below are some helpful, effective, and kind ways for you to stop dog barking:

If a stranger gets in your house and your dog barks, allow it to bark once or twice only then say “stop” or “enough”. Praise the dog and give him a toy or something to chew

  • If the dog won’t stop barking after you have given him toys and chew items, you may treat them with food. Don’t forget to praise the dog as soon as they stopped barking
  • Spend some time with your dog; play with it most especially in times when it is


  • A squirt or spray bottle containing tap water can also be used to stop dogs from barking but you can only make use of this one of other ways are not effective.

Always remember to praise your dog once it stops barking as this will be instilled in its mind that he usually gets praised whenever he stops from barking at your specific command. All these methods will help in controlling the barking. This will be a gradual process and should take a few months before your dog finally gets rid of this habit.