Chameleon on the leaf
Exotic pets come in various types of species, each of them presenting characteristics that make them appear as amazing subjects for photography. Aside from the usual household pets, exotic pets may not be that easy to be photographed given their specific features, but there are many of them that can be easily photographed, such as hedgehogs, tortoises, iguanas, and so on. This article will point out some things that any photographer needs to consider when being hired to take professional photos of an exotic pet that is not exactly tamed to live openly with humans.

One such example is the exotic pet that comes in the form of snake. While its owner may be familiar with this reptile, you can not risk having yourself exposed to the ‘moods’ of this creature without taking the safety precautions.

Most of the times, pet snake owners will take care of keeping the snake behind a secured glass when the photo needs to be taken. Other times they will make sure that the snake is properly fed prior to the photo session, but even so, you can never know about its unpredictable reactions. So, if you are called for a photo session with an exotic pet and its owner, you need to make sure that there is the safety first ensured for taking securely the photos.

Exotic pet owners are always looking for ways to have their beloved pet captured within the frames of a photo, since with many of these pets, their owners are known to outlive them. Photography is one way to keep the memory of a pet fresh long after this one has passed away.

Another thing that a photographer needs to do is to always consider taking the photo from far distance and use for this reason a powerful zoom lens which in this case, the use of a glass is no longer necessary. When an exotic pet comes in the form of a biting spider and a phot6ographer is called in to take photos of it, then safety is a vital thing to consider and for this reason, the owner will have to come up with solutions to protect the photographer as the owner is the only person to know how to keep the spider’s dangerous reactions at bay.

With other types of exotic pets, such as larger reptiles it may be the need of more assistance and for this reason more people should be there to get hold of the pet for the photo session. In case the exotic pet owner wants to come to the photo studio, as a photographer you must know what species the owner has and in accordance to it, you should carefully prepare the background for the photos and the right lighting.

The good thing with exotic pet photography is that you can always get amazingly colored photos, although these types of pets are known to be poorer in personality traits as compared to the ubiquitous household pets.