Pests are undesirable things that could really bring a lot of mess in our home, work environment and public offices; apart from the damage they could cost to our furniture and walls these unwanted insects also carry several disease causing germs that could endanger the health of everyone in our family or organization. In this article, we will try to understand the green earth organics in context with pest control.

Pests can be as little as the termites and ants or as large as rodents and rats but no matter how small the size of these things they are not easy to wipe off. Home or building owners apply different ways to exterminate these unnecessary visitors such as spraying insecticides, putting baits and traps or calling pest control service in severe cases.

Whether you’re dealing with few rats or extreme termite infestation the following tips could be useful for you:

1. Make sure to seal or repair cracks in your house or office building especially in the roof or in the ceiling, this opening can serve as the entrance for ants, flies, cockroaches and even rats.

2. Remove any debris such as bricks or woods around your home or office, rodents love to harbor inside them and could easily multiply.

3. Store an insect spray for your home or office, this will prove handy in dealing with ants or cockroaches and any flying and crawling insect within your reach. Spray their nest at nighttime or around dawn to ensure that they are all inside and less aggressive.

4. At night, keep food containers tightly close and pet food properly covered. This would keep insects from sitting on them and eventually spreading germs.

5. If you’re dealing with rats in your house, keeping a female house cat can be very useful in terminating them. Placing bait such as cheese or peanut butter is also helpful, but if you need to use a rat poison always remember to be careful in placing them so as not to put other in-house pet like dogs or cats in danger.

6. Bugs are attracted to light so minimize unnecessary lighting on your home.

7. For severe termite cases and other pest infestation call professional exterminator

to help you remove them at once. Most pest control teams have a number listed in telephone directory for easy reach.

8. Never leave your garbage sitting inside the house or office overnight its smell would attract flying and crawling insects.

Always remember that pests have not common sense, they will not think about the safety of your family or organization and their main goal in life is to spread disease causing germs and viruses so if you want to ensure that everyone will be protected be observant on your surroundings. Keeping everything clean and sanitized is a sure way to keep any area pests free and germ free. Keep your home or office building clean and properly ventilated, pests in whatever form love dirty and smelly places so if you want to minimize if not control pest infestation cleaning every area would prove very effective.