green earth cleaning
There are so many ways to spend our weekends that we can now afford to be selective when we plan for this period. The most common way is to just stay and relax at home, dedicating time to our family, loved one, or personal hobby. If you want to make this weekend special and would also like to contribute in the good of the planet, then think about spending a part of your future weekends with nature. This will bring you close to nature and will thus help your understanding towards green earth cleaning and environment.

You should consider going out, if the weather helps, as fresh air is beneficial for our health and mind. Living in a big city means that you have a lot of options for recreation – from museums, movies, theaters and opera to parks, botanical gardens and zoos to visit. Clubs, discos and cafes are also popular choices especially for the young generation.

If you live in the country side, you have direct access to the green fields, forests or even fairs that city folk just talk about but rarely visit. Photography for plants and animals should be easy here so why not give it a try.If you are lucky enough and live near a spring, sea or ocean, now is the time to pay a visit, nothing clears the mind better then the sound of running water or splashing waves.Diving is a great way to learn more about the oceans and explore this unknown world.

Another way of recreation can be the “city breaks” that offer a visit for the weekend in known cities in Europe (like Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Madrid etc) in which you can embark on your own, or use the services provided by a travel agency thus having the opportunity to buy new items, or explore new places, new cultures and new ways of life.

You can also give something back for the community in one of those free weekends, by planting trees or going to read stories for children in a bookstore. In this way, you will be not only able to enjoy the weekend with your family but will also contribute in the wellness of the planet, without making any extra effort at your end.

The choices are countless and it is only your perspective (and maybe your loved ones) that matter as you are the one calling the shots.