Being seen at the top of search result is a dream of every web-master. They make efforts every day

in order to find a way to drive traffic to their site and ultimately gain high page rank. Achieving a

high page rank is important especially for internet marketer, it determines the credibility of their site

which in turn gives them the power to stay in the business.

If you are wondering how to reach the top of the search results the following tips can help you with

your struggle.

Increase Website Ranking

1. Nothing can beat quality content; it’s the top most important thing to remember, if you want

to find your website at the first page of the search engine results. The search engines favor

websites offering informative and original content to readers so make sure you stay clear of

trash and duplicates when you upload content to your site.

2. Always exercise the proper use and distribution of keywords as this will help search engine

to find your site. Use it in the title and in the body but avoid forcing it in your content. You

should also avoid stuffing keywords anywhere if you want to gain favor from the search


3. With almost all people using the internet today to communicate or update their social status,

social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will greatly help you drive traffic

to your site. Other sites like Digg, Stumbleupon etc. can also be use to generate relevant

amount of backlinks so make sure to utilize these services.

4. A lot of popular article directories can be found on the net and they will greatly help you

improve your page rank through inbound links. Submit quality and original articles on these

sites and put your site’s URL on the resource box so that every time someone picks your

article the link will go back to your site giving you better page impression and ultimately

better page rank.

Another important thing to remember if you want to top the search engine results is to keep your

site updated. Do not, in any circumstances, leave your site unattended and outdated for over a week.

Sites that are properly maintained and updated gain favor from search engine giants such as Google,

Yahoo and Bing and therefore, it is necessary that you keep your site regularly updated with fresh