How Google Updates Affects Your Website and Its SEO
Google wants to ensure that it provides best search experience to its users and in order to

accomplish this task, it needs to encourage better quality sites in its search results. To serve this

purpose, Google has made a few important updates in past few years. The two most important ones

are the Panda update followed by the Pengunin update. These updates, in a nutshell are meant to get

rid of duplicate and insubstantial content from the SEO ranking.

Content farming is a big no for Panda Update. In fact, the main reason that Google created this

update was to clear the web of farmed content – a heavy inflow of articles that were being posted

just to generate more content that would in turn bring more backlinks and hence, traffic to the site.

Since its release many websites including ezine, ehow and articlebase were affected by the update

due to several duplicate and trash content. Other sites that were published just to generate traffic

and for the sake of advertisement were also wiped out from the search engine ranking.

If you want a safe website after Penguin and Panda updates, you better make sure that you have

quality content to begin with. Publishing a page that lacks substance will definitely put you into

low quality category because of these updates. Some of the sites that were labeled as low quality

contains a lot of duplicate posts and were written in poor English. Other site that has numerous

ads attached to the page was also considered as low quality including those that has irrelevant and

unmatched tags.

The purpose of these updates is to make sure that good ranking will only be given to websites

worthy of it. This means that those sites, that have low quality or duplicate content will eventually

end low n the rankings against the quality sites.

So if you have good and original content you don’t have to worry about being affected by Panda,

Penguin or any other update. In fact the only thing that Google timely updates do to your site is

to give the clean sites a better positioning in the search engines. Those that were kicked by these

updates on the other hand should review their sites and correct their inputs to be able to regain good

favor from the search engines.