Free and Paid Hosting
At first, the idea of having a free web hosting might be appealing in that it says that the hosting is

free; but is it really? The word free really means a hiding place and comes with a price tag at the

end. Here are the differences between a Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting.

Disadvantages of free hosting:

• Bandwidth and disk space such as CPU and RAM are shared between a number of other

users and space becomes quite limited. This type of hosting is more suited to those

companies just starting out and for those newcomers who want to learn the basics.

• You share equipment with other users which slow things down.

• The major drawback of free hosting is that the provider usually requires banner ads to be

placed on web pages and you have no say in the advertising. This is to make up for the ‘free’


• Your site is at risk as you do not have the same security as a paid hosting domain. It takes

hackers only 3 minutes to break into your site and delete the content on everyone’s site. And

if you have been hacked there is a strong possibility that your clients have been hacked too.

• Your site is slowed down by everyone using it.

• Support is virtually non-existent as free hosting does not come with unlimited technical


• Users are required to use sub-domains which include the name of the provider and this can

create an unprofessional appearance.

• Free web hosting providers can also cancel their free service when you least expect it and

charge a monthly fee to continue using the service.

Advantages of paid hosting

• Paid hosting customers have around-the-clock technical support. The sites are hosted on

reliable servers and clients do not have to worry.

• Paid web hosting customers can make use of domains they personally register.

• Paid hosting servers are more secure than free hosting servers as more time and resources

are spent to ensure that customers are safe from hackers who can seriously hamper the

success of a business.

• There is no advertising on the web pages.

• Paid web hosting makes sense for businesses that want to have a professional look for their

visitors and users.

• Paid web hosting is recommended over free web hosting as you can rely on the provider for

superb technical support. To satisfy yourself go online and learn more on the subject of paid

hosting versus free web hosting. You will find the answers you are looking for.