seo concept
Backlinks keep your site alive, they help in generating targeted traffic and eventually gives you

more favourable search engine ranking. You should be aware however that not every link is a

beneficial one, even if you were able to create lot of links if these are not related to your site they

will be deemed useless in the end. Here are some important points, that will help you in developing

backlinks for your site:

Building Backlinks

Develop a good site: If you want to have quality backlinks to your site you need to have a good site

first. Make sure your content for your site is worth reading and that the readers will be enticed to

come back because they benefit or learn valuable things from your website. Remember that a good

site generates a lot of natural followers that eventually leads to favourable backlinks. Therefore,

the first and foremost thing which you need to do before you start your backlinking project is to

develop a website, which is useful for the visitors.

Links from Articles Directories: If you want to gain exposure you should also learn to utilize

the power of articles directories such as ezine, ehow, articlebase, and other similar sites. Create

good articles and submit them to these sites to help build links that will direct back to your site.

Submitting quality content to article directories also gives you more credibility as a writer.

Links from Social Networks: Social networking and microblogging sites also give you more

chances of advertising your page, use Facebook, MySpace or Twitter to help you advertise and

direct readers to your site. Post the link to your content and encourage readers to go to that link.

Since almost everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account nowadays, it will be easy for you to reach

your target market by putting links to your social networking sites.

Links from Blog Comments: Another way of building quality backlinks is by visiting other sites or

blogs and posting quality comments on their articles. This strategy gives you the chance of putting

your URL to the resource box which in turn will link back to your site. Being a guest writer also

helps; if you can write good and informative articles, people will be curious to see who’s behind

those posts and they will definitely seek out your site.