seo strategy
Search Engine Optimization is a very comprehensive topic and it involves differ types of SEO

methods in it. Depending on the requirement of the situation, SEO experts implements different

types of SEO Strategy on the site. In this article, we are going to discuss the three main types of

SEO strategies that are popular in SEO and are widely practiced by SEO professionals.

White Hat Strategy – Search engine wants that the people, who are using them gets the best and

most relevant results for their searched keywords. In order to do this, they have worked out a set of

instructions and expect every site and its webmaster to follow them as far as possible. These sets of

instructions are basically meant to refraining anyone from indulging in any unethical act of attaining

higher rankings. The webmasters and SEO professional, who follow these sets of instructions, are

called as white hats and their SEO method is called as white hat SEO method.

Gray Hat Strategy – In between white and black, there are always certain shade of gray! When one

is getting older, then his hairs starts getting white from black, but this is a slow process and in the

mid way, the hairs first become gray before they finally become white. In the same way, a gray

SEO strategy is the one, that falls somewhere in between the white hat and black hat methods. It

could be a loophole, which is tracked by a SEO professional and he tries to take advantage of the

situation before it comes in notice of the search engine. As it is still unknown to the search engines,

they have not framed out any penalty for it and it is likely that a site practicing gray hat method will

either not get caught or will not get penalized by the search engines unless they make an official

announcement and declare the methods as unacceptable.

Black Hat Strategy – Finally, we have some SEO methods that are clearly against the policies of

search engines. The list of these methods are stated in their terms of service and if anyone tires to

implements these methods, then his site is going to be penalized by search engines. Some SEO

professionals still use such methods now and then for experimental purpose and sometimes when

they want to achieve some short term targets. However, this type of strategy is not recommended.