seo strategy
If you would like to attain desired results in anything you attempt, then the first and foremost step

that you have to work on is on its planning and SEO is no expectation to this rule. If you want to

see your website perform well on search engines like Google, then what you need is a good SEO

Strategy for your site. So now, the next question that arises here is what exactly a good SEO

strategy is and how will it help your website?

Well, SEO gurus will have different answer for this question. Some may say that building quality

back links will help the site in a long run while some others might debate that they have even got

methods that work quickly and these methods will not only give quick results but will also bypass

Google’s penalty. When you hear different opinions from different people and their opinion is

completely contradictory to each other, then you are bound to get confused.

You might then wonder which approach you should take in order to get started with SEO planning.

This is a tough question to answer as each expert is saying things from his own experience and it’s

left for you to decide which path you should take. There are two ways of going for it – either you

break laws or be with it. In the former case, the chances of getting caught will be always on and in

the later, you will have to wait for long time before you start to see the results of your hard work.

Our advice will be to select the right path. Some people will always try to lure you with quick

results by playing it dirty, but you should remember the words of wisdom that you can fool some

people all the time, you can even fool all the people some time but you can never fool all the

people at all times! Just because someone has not been caught for the black hat method which he

has implied on his site does not mean that the things are always going to be same for him. Sooner

or later, search engines are likely to find his tricks out and once that happens, his site will get

penalized and you surely won’t like that to happen to your site. So, it is strongly recommended that

you select and stick to white hat SEO strategy for your site.