dog training school
A dog is much more smarter and responsive to your instructions than any other pet. Although, with

regular efforts and the right tactics, man can train any animal, but there is no denying fact that when

it comes to training, dogs are the quickest of learners. Still, one needs to do a lot of hard work, if he

wants to train a dog. If you are also interested to make your pet learn a few things, then following

points are going to help your efforts:

a) It wont take much effort to teach a dog how to catch a ball. All you have to do is to throw the

ball and a dog will go after it; this is something that comes naturally to a dog and therefore it wont

require much effort from your side to make him learn how to do it! However, by adding some

words (like – Shoo, Gooo etc. ) while throwing a ball or any other thing, which you would like him

to catch and bring back, you can make the dog more attentive and responsive to your commands.

b) Be friendly to your dog than strict. Although you can teach more easily with a stick in your hand,

but try to use it as less as you can while training. It should only be used to to build a disciplinary

environment and not to punish the dog. A mere swinging of the stick will be good enough of an

indicator to make your intentions clear and this will make the dog to behave more attentively and


c) To get better results in the training, do encourage the dog whenever it gives desired results or

follows your order. This can be done by tapping it gently or giving it something that it really likes.

This will make it clear to the dog that you have liked the act and it will be more responsive to your

commands from thereon.

d) Lastly, do not try to train your pet too hard. Do not forget that it is your pet and not an animal

in the circus who is bound to do the rarest of stunts. Therefore, if the dog shows sign of disinterest

while learning certain acts, then do not force your dog to do so. Take it easy and try to make your

pet learn in a harmonic environment and if the act is really difficult, then better leave it than to force

it on your dearest dog!