dog breeds
Parents who want to buy a good dog for children must take into account not only the

characteristics of the breed of the animal, but also the temperament, size, energy level and

features that best suit the lifestyle of the family.

The bond between a boy and his dog can be one of the strongest in the life of a person.

To have an ideal cohabitation beyond the dog’s personality, discipline and exercise are

essential to ensure a good relationship with the children. Similarly, the child must be

educated to respect the limits and needs of the dog. And in general, any dog, regardless of

breed, should not interact with a child unattended.

The ideal dog for children is one that is not easily provoked, who is patient and enjoys

spending hours playing and living with their small business. This interaction, which is good

for both, strengthens the child’s health, cognitive development and sense of responsibility.

A good dog for children as well as having a calm and friendly character, must easily accept

new people, smells and places.

Precisely because it is linked to behavioral, genetic predispositions and also factors, some

dog breeds are more recommended than others as pets in homes with children and babies.

Best Dog Breeds for Families

1. Bulldog English

The English Bulldog breed has a docile temperament, which makes this type of dog is a

great companion and live in harmony with the kids at home. Despite having a low level of

energy, they are quite playful.

The English Bulldog breed requires a lot of discipline, especially in living with children,

because they are protective in nature and can be rude. Therefore, it is important that they

are accustomed to new people and trained to respect the orders of the owners, including


2. Beagle

About to grow with your children looking for a dog temperament and playfulness, choose

the Beagle breed. It is worth noting that in addition to protective, this breed is very active

and does not like being left alone for long periods of time.

Therefore, it is a dog breed for children who spend time at home or for families with more

than one child.

3. Bull Terrier

We hear a lot about the personality of this dog. It is a good family dog, provided the

discipline and boundaries will be well established by the owners and daily exercise.

Because they are strong animals, the Bull Terrier is not recommended for younger children.

In general, besides intelligent, friendly and quiet, are patient with children and tolerant of

childish pranks.

4. Collie

It is very common to associate the character with Collie Lassie. And no wonder, since this

breed of dog, as in the film, is very affectionate and attached to his family.

Being a herding breed, the Collie works well with training, orders and tasks. This breed will

be a great positive stimulus for the education of children because it can provide them with

notions of responsibility and affection.

5. Poodle

Overall, Poodles are suitable for families with children, with the exception only of the

variety Toy (Miniature).

Poodles are sweet, intelligent, and active and love to play. They can be a good companion

for children with allergies, as the poodle hair does not fall much.

6. Labrador Retriever

The farmers are one of the most recognizable dog breeds and are one of the choicest

options of dogs for children. Suitable for any age, Labrador’s are protective, smart, reliable,

and active and feel real passion for their owners.

7. Golden Retriever

Like their cousins Tillers, Golden Retrievers are social workers, intelligent and tolerant.

The high energy level and intelligence of this breed makes it a good dog for children,

especially for those who like to play with water, as they are one of the breeds of dog they

like water.

8. Carlino

For being so small, not barking and not needing plenty of exercise, the pug is an ideal breed

for small homes. If they are trained and socialized, they are a good dog for children.

Notably, the pug has a cheerful and affectionate character, but being somewhat stubborn

can be a little more difficult to train. Similarly, presents some problems breathing and


9. Shih Tzu

What makes a puppy Shih Tzu is perfect for a kid is the fact that they are kind, caring and

very customizable. Not only do they get along with children and new people, but also tends

to live in harmony with other animals.

Homeowners who opt for the Shih Tzu need to educate their children about the fragility of

the race. Dogs of this breed are commonly injured by children if they play abruptly.

10. Hungarian Braco

Like the Irish setter, Hungarian Braco is very suitable for families with children moved.

This breed is gentle, loyal, quiet and affectionate. However, it requires enough physical


For this reason, and because it is a working dog, it is necessary to make a physical and

mental exercise daily to maintain a balanced and happy dog home.