Although each and every organ is vital and they all play an equally important role in the smooth

functioning of the body, yet human heart occupies a special place in our body. Once can live with

out a hand or leg, one can even survive if one of the kidney fails, but as soon as the heart stops

beating, it is the end of the life! Heart is almost located at the center and is also connected to most

of the vital organs and therefore, it is necessary that it remains healthy at all the time. Here is what

we should do in order to take care of our heart:

a) Diet : Food that we eat plays an important role in maintaining our overall health and it also

determines the health of heart. In general, one should avoid eating spicy and oily food. Oil in

particular is not good for heart. Excess of oil intake can disturb the cholesterol level of the body

which affects the functioning of the heart. Therefore, one should try to avoid very oily food. On

the other side, fibrous diet along with green leafy vegetables purifies blood as well as improves its

circulation, which ultimately benefits the heart. So, one should include these in his diet.

b) Exercise : The more you exercise, the better your heart will function. Any kind of physical

activity is beneficial for the heart and other parts of the body. Do remember that the heart is not an

independent entity and therefore, its functioning too is directly related and affected by the overall

health and functioning of the body. Yoga and Pranayam are especially useful for the body. A

morning walk and one after the dinner can also help in keeping your heart healthy,

c) Check up : If at anytime, you observe pain in your chest or feel uncomfortable near the area of

the heart, then you should get your check up done. Also, after a certain age, mostly around 40, it

would be a good idea to get complete body check up done on a six monthly basis. This will ensure

that you are aware of the body developments and would be able to detect any health issue in its

initial stage.

So you can understand that it does not take a lot of effort to keep your heart healthy. Just stick to the

basics and you will be able to live a healthy life with a vibrant heart!