green iguana
Whenever we say pets we think mostly of animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, but it seems that lately more and more people are thinking of having green iguana as their household pet. We don’t know yet why this type of pet has become so popular with the recent years, but it may be because people are looking to include more exotic animals in their habitat being already too used to the usual household pets.

Or maybe because they believe that these creatures are more attractive than the average pets. Nevertheless, the pet care for this exotic animal requires a little bit of research prior to considering having it around your house. If you don’t know too much about this animal and their natural habitat you may be caught unprepared for taking good care of it risking to cause it more harm than good.

It is therefore important to know what elements are there required to create a good habitat for your green iguana pet. For some people creating the right place for this animal can be quite a challenge because there are some things that you need to know before you think of having this pet in your house. For instance, you have to create the perfect shelter for this animal since they are known as arboreal animals meaning they like to live mostly in the trees where they feel safer.

Another thing that you must know about green iguana as a pet is that you have to provide a lot of care and attention to its environment ensuring that it has what it needs for a healthy living. Green iguanas live in areas that have a high temperature not only during the day but also during the night.

So, unless you create a specific habitat with a lot of heat in it for 24 hours, you must at least live in a region where cold weather is inexistent. Green iguana relies a lot on heat because in this way it can regulate its body metabolism. It is not used to drink water because it takes it from the air humidity which has to be also higher in order to supply its body with the needed water. Maybe you will manage to train your green iguana pet to drink water, but keep in mind that they are not used to this.

The other thing related to heat and the sun light is that green iguana is used to the UVB light spectrum of the sun, a light that is damaging for the human body because it burns the dermis layer. There are as well the risks of developing skin cancer when exposed to these types of UVs. But for your beloved green iguana pet, it is the UVB they enjoy the most.

Given all these aspects from above, you must give it a good thought prior to caring for a green iguana as your pet. It will require money to invest in order to create a perfect habitat for it, if you want to have a happy and healthy exotic pet.