Say NO to Medicines and YES to Physiotherapy!

Say NO to Medicines and YES to Physiotherapy!

There is nobody in this world who would like to fall ill and then take medicines to come out of the ailment. Doctors too suggest that it is not wise to take medicines unless it is really required and that one should try to avoid them as much as he can. Sometimes, you...
Tips for Taking Care of Your Heart

Tips for Taking Care of Your Heart

Although each and every organ is vital and they all play an equally important role in the smooth functioning of the body, yet human heart occupies a special place in our body. Once can live with out a hand or leg, one can even survive if one of the kidney fails, but...

A detailed overview of Physiotherapy

Do you hate taking drugs and medicines, or fear surgeries? But at the same time you need a treatment for treating your illness, deformity or disability. Fortunately you have an option besides drugs and surgery i.e. physiotherapy. It is basically a manual therapy...
Ways to Keep Brain Healthy

Ways to Keep Brain Healthy

Stress and Depression is a much spoken term these days. Most of the people get into bad tension and stress, either in their work environment or at family environment. Hectic pressure at work is one of the major causes for the increased stress related issues and major...

How to Avoid Migraine Attack

A migraine is usually described as a very painful shudder or pounding pain around the head. Some people have the pain in one part while others have the pain around the forehead, around the eyes or at the back of the head. Some people experience this pain in one side...




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