Social Media Marketing Tips 2014

The last decade has seen a sudden increase in the popularity of social networks and these results

seems to hold in future as well. Earlier, people mostly used internet for checking emails, then came

chat messengers and became an instant hit. After that came social networks like Myspace, which

merged the concept of communication with entertainment and interaction and now we have social

networks like Facebook and Twitter and business networks like LinkedIn that have a multi million

members base and are a rage among the internet users. People spends hours every day on checking

their Facebook and Twitter account and this gives ample scope for social media to influence them.

Social Media Promotion Ideas

Millions of users visits social networks like Facebook and Twitter every day and spend substantial

time on them. This provides a great opportunity for the internet marketers to use these social

networks as a platform to promote their products and services. Some of the methods that have

seen positive results in promotion are not related to direct promotion. The best results are obtained

when credibility of the user is established and the promotion takes the back seat. Once the trust

factor is established after that an indirect promotion done through the creditable source fetches

best result.

To build trust, the user in social network like Facebook or Twitter must be an active member on

these networks. He should be interactive and response to the users in his circle. Liking Facebook

posts, re tweeting tweets are some of the ways to become popular. In this way, he will become

popular and have many friends and followers in his circle.

This can be done in two ways; either hire some workers who understand how social networks

operates and are able to do these tasks naturally for you, or find some members on these networks

that are addicted to them and offer them a reward for doing you promotional favours every now

and then.

Advertising Through Social Media

A direct way of promotion on social networks is to buy paid ads and tweets. Facebook allows users

to buy ad credits that can be used in the same way as AdWords or any other ad network. There

are also lots of internet marketers that can help you in buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers

and paid Tweets. All these methods can be used to build a successful social media promotional

campaign, which when handled sensibly will give great results.