Like humans, there are many dogs in this world that are looking for a shelter and they can be adopted, if they find a suitable owner. Small dogs for adoption can be found in dog rehabilitation centers or dog adoption centers.

Adopting a dog involves a procedure, which has to be followed by the person, who wants to adopt a dog. First of all, he has to fill a form, in which he has to provide basic information about himself and also indicate what kind of dog he would like to adopt. After that, a representative from the adoption centre gives a visit to the house of the requester.

After a proper investigation, the representative is able to figure out that the requestor is actually willing to adopt a dog and that he will be able to take proper care of the dog. Some of the things that he looks into are:

a) If the requestor is serious about adopting the dog and that he will be able to take proper care of the dog and provide it a good life.

b) If the requestor has arranged proper space to accommodate the dog.

c) If the requestor would be able to afford the breed of dog, which he would like to adopt. A breed like Pomeranian will be easy to maintain as compared to a German Sheppard, which is an expensive breed to maintain.

You can select a new born puppy or can even adopt a grown up dog, if you are interested in it and are willing to take care of the dog. If the representative feels that you are in a position to afford the breed that you have requested for adoption, then you will get an approval for the same and you can then adopt the dog. Once the documentation and other legal formalities are over, you can take the dog to your home.

It may take up to a week from the date of request to get this done. After adoption, a representative from the adoption centre might give periodical visits to your home to check out if the dog is happy with his new owner.

Small dogs for adoption are available in hundreds of thousands in numbers all around the world and it would be a great idea to adopt these needy dogs rather than buying them from elsewhere. In this way, a needy dog gets a suitable owner and you too will have a new member in your family.