They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. It is loyal and would rarely attack his master. But for some reason, some dogs go astray or leave the site of their masters. Others are separated by force or neglect and would end up being taken under custody by another.

If something should happen to your dogs, either by force of circumstance of ordinary neglect, here are simple ways that you can employ to relocate them.As soon as you have an indication that this might be the case of missing dog, you should immediately proceed to the nearest animal shelter or animal management agencies or sometimes even a veterinary clinic, to where you last say your dog. Some good hearted citizens often times bring lost pets to the nearest animal shelter. If your initial search does not yield positive results, then expand your search by notifying similar shelters in your area. If your dog has a microchip embedded underneath his skin, and then makes this information available to all other shelters that have the facility to check for dogs with microchip tags.

Next thing to do is to scour your entire neighborhood if possible and ask friends to help if they have the time. Let everyone know that your dog is missing, this way; they can notify you in case they see the dog with someone or the dogs pays their backyard a visit.

Find the most recent photo of your dog, have it reproduced and advertise the same, if you can afford it, offer a decent reward to speed up the process. As an added function, you can also utilize the internet to conduct your search, this way you can widen the parameters of your search even up to states if necessary. If you have lost your puppy, then places like small dog rescue centers and other places which facilitates small dog for adoption can also be inquired.

Panic will never resolve the situation. If you need to find your missing pet, then you need to make an effort and keep searching till you finally find him out. In any missing case it would be wise to think straight and to think like your dog. At some degree, the dog manifests behavior that you can recognize as defense mechanism, if you can recall this, then you will be able to determine what might have been the next move of your dog after losing sight of you.