chewing puppy
You have planned to buy yourself a puppy last month and you were so happy being with that furry friend of yours. Only if you would had know that buying a dog is not the only thing that you need to do; you also need to take care of the puppy and his habits.

However, you have now getting restless because of your puppy’s habit of constantly chewing. Your puppy loves chewing whatever he sees in your house and one he chewed your purse and you need to bring him to the veterinary clinic for a surgery to remove something which he swallowed. This has cost you with so much trouble, indeed and you are thinking of ways on how you will be able to stop your puppy from chewing items he needs not to.

The first thing that you need to determine is the health of your health, make sure that he is not suffering from a condition called Pica which usually causes a puppy to choose whatever things he sees. Just your puppy free and observe how long does he actually chews and if things are different when he is hungry or not. Sometimes, the puppies starts to chew things when they becomes hungry. In that case all that you need to do is to feed him some good branded dog food like Acana Dog Food or Fromm Dog Food and he should be done with chewing once he had his meal. But if you are sure that he does not have Pica then you have to learn the next method.

The second way is your acceptance regarding chewing as a natural instinct of animals particularly in the field of exploration. Chewing is perhaps one of dog’s ways to explore and learn everything around them. With this regard, it will be best to teach them to determine which item is acceptable and which ones are not.

In training your puppy or dog, you have to make sure that you are using the right method to make your dog understand the words acceptable and unacceptable. You can actually simplify this method by simply using short and easy to recognized words. For example, you can make use of the word “no” for the unacceptable things and “yes” for the acceptable ones. Do this methods repeatedly until such time that your dog is already able to distinguish the ideas which you want to convey to him. Never forget to praise your puppy or dog each time he recognizes your words.