SEO Experts keep a regular watch on the SEO trends and they are the first to note the minutest change that is noticed on the SEO platform. It is believed that Google changes its algorithm more
than a hundred times in an year and if this is true, then it is obviously very hard to keep a track on the changes and even harder to immediately adapt your SEO strategies accordingly. But still, SEO experts are of opinion that it is very much possible to please Google, by sticking to the fundamentals of the SEO, which mainly revolves around quality content and link building.

Panda and Penguin have been the two main updates from the Google within the last five years and these updates have drastically changed SEO norms. SEO experts were correct to figure out that article directories and link farming will the worst suffers after these updates. Although, some might debate that article directories are still a good mode for creating links and driving targeted traffic, mot many would doubt that low quality and irrelevant link building will only let to the downfall of one’s site.

Another important point that has gained momentum in the SEO world is that collaboration of SEO and SMM. A few years back, social media was not giving as much importance for either link
building or for SEO, but things have changed drastically with the huge success of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now, these social networks play an important role in defining the
overall success of a website, which also includes its SEO success.

At the end of the day, there is no denying to the fact that despite of the even changing SEO trends, quality will still win the race. If your website has quality content to offer to the visitors, sooner or later, it is bound to improve its SEO performance and acquire the rankings on the search engines that it deserves. So, there is a good reason for you to fall for the old and gold mantra that the best SEO for a website is the one which is done without considering it at all! All that you need to do is make your site relevant and useful for the people and everything else will take its own course. There are hundreds of success stories of websites that have been able to able to achieve great heights following this simple formula and there is no reason why you can’t join this list.