SEO Audit is one of the most important part of SEO process. Once you start doing SEO on your website, either by yourself or with help of a SEO professional, it is important to keep a track on the proceedings and to ensure that things are hearing towards the right direction. But SEO Audit is not merely limited after SEO. An audit is also essential before you plan SEO for your site and finalize the plans for it.

In general, SEO Audit can be broadly divided in three main stages. In the first stage the audit is done to set the targets that are to be achieved with help of SEO. This stage is called the preliminary stage. In the second stage, the audit is done while the SEO is still in progress. This audit helps in determining how the things are proceeding and if there is anything that can be done in order to improve the present results. This is called midterm SEO Audit.

The last stage of audit is called the final audit, where one looks at the end results and matches it with the targets, which were meant to be achieved with help of the SEO. In this way, we are able to determine if the set targets have been achieved and one also comes to know about the shortcomings of the project (if any) and the future SEO for the website is planned while considering all these factors.

Analysis is an important aspect of every method and therefore, SEO analysis is very important for future of a website. When one sites down and looks at the results that he has attained this far with help of SEO, he is able to get a clearer picture of the situation, which helps him in planning future moves. If things are going fine, then one needs to stick to the same process of SEO and if SEO is not giving favorable results for a certain website, then it indicates that there is a need to have a close look at the SEO process of that particular site and then make necessary changes accordingly.A careful audit can reveal the present status of success for a website and at the same time the data obtained with the audit can help in further improving the position of the site in near future. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should get it done for his website.