We are in the mid of 2014 and it’s time for you to have a look in to the SEO strategies that have been applied by you in the beginning of this year and make necessary revisions in them. A proper analysis of your site can help you in lots of ways. With analysis, you will be able to understand the optimization strategies, that are working well for your website and at the same time, you will also come to know what else can work for your website’s SEO. 2014 have been an eventful year for SEO and in this article, we will have a quick look at the tips, that will help you in making your website more friendly towards search engines.

SEO 2014 – Some Quick Tips to Boost Your Website’s Ranking in Search Engines:

  • After panda and penguin updates, Google has become very choosy about back links and if you would like to please Google, then you should not only concentrate on building natural and quality links but at the same time, you should keep a regular check on the low quality links that have been associated with your website and try to clean them up or make them no-follow.
  • Content still rules and quality content will always help in improving the SEO ranking of your website. Recently, Google has made it clear that if a piece of content has been taken from another website, then a link pointing to the source of the content will ensure that the website acknowledges the contribution of the source website and such content will not be penalized by Google for plagiarism.
  • Google Plus and Facebook Likes are being considered as a yardstick to measure the usefulness of a website. Although there has been no official statement issued by Google or any other search engine in this regard, yet SEO gurus believe that these do play an important role in SEO as well as in branding of a website.
  • Stale or inactive websites are more likely to lose the rankings against the active and timely updated websites. Therefore, it is advised to keep your website duly updated.
  • The bottom line is that search engines wants quality sites, which are useful for the users and serve the purpose for which they are made. If your website meets these basic requirements, then it is likely to attain good rankings in search engine in a long run.