We all live in this beautiful planet called Earth and it is our responsibility to ensure that our planet remains green and clean. With the progress of science, most of the scientific inventions have affected earth in a negative way. Industrial growth and modern technology has resulted in tremendous increase of pollution all over the planet and it is necessary that this pollution is checked as soon as possible. It is not possible for a single person to check all this but a single person can definitely play his or her small part in the good and wellness of the earth. So let us learn how we can contribute in Green Earth Cleaning with help of this article.

We just need to pay attention to all the activities that we do in our life and we should try to make them as natural and eco friendly as possible. For example, we should try to save as much electricity as we can. We should also try to minimize the use of paper as paper as paper is made from cutting trees and when we use lesser papers we are indirectly saving trees from being cut.

In the same way we can save animal killing to a large extent if we turn vegetarian and if we stop purchasing and using leather products. Lots of animals of different breeds gets killed for food and leather and we can save them if we do not eat them as food or wear or use them as leather or furs.

We should also ensure that we put all the garbage in the dustbin and do not spread in either in our house or in road or any other public place. We can also reduce the level of air pollution by minimizing the use of motor vehicles. We ca either use solar vehicles or walk or cycle to the nearby place. Is all these things are done by everyone then it will be help in Green Earth Cleaning process tremendously. All these task may look small but when everyone of us will perform them sincerely and regularly then it will collective add up to give great results. So just read this article and note done all these points and try to implement in your life to the best of your ability. If you can think of ore points then do add them in this list as well and try to include them in your day to day life!