A variety of environmental issues have peaked in recent times. Today the time speaks of the deadline to raise and construct a greener tomorrow. If we didn’t cared for our mother earth today, tomorrow could be too late to make any change. Building a greener future doesn’t merely involve creating awareness, planting trees or recycling the bio degradable. It calls up to take on the responsibility and contribute your bit to build a healthier, safer and pollution free earth. If we want our upcoming generations to live in a healthy green environment every single soul needs to take initiative.

Bringing changes to protect the green planet doesn’t require any big or expensing efforts. Bringing few small changes in your daily routine will do wonders. Merely recycling the waste or planting trees isn’t enough to bring big changes. The small changes in the functioning of our  lives will bring master changes to repair the disorders of the environment.

Here is the list of some simple ways which will help you to contribute in building a greener tomorrow.

Shop eco friendly

There are large number of people may who not be aware of the fact that dry cleaning process contributes to pollution. Dry cleaning involves chemical usage which if not handled properly may pollute the air and water. So avoid shopping to the possible extent for the clothing’s which require dry cleaning. Choose clothing made of natural fiber, such as cotton or wool which requires easy home care. You can buy pullovers, jackets and footwear’s made with recycled polyester, etc. Turning eco friendly doesn’t means being non trendy or non fashionable. You can carry the trends with eco friendly clothing too.

Practice composting

Every house has enough waste which contributes to land pollution. The simple solution to this problem is to make composting pits at your house garden or kitchen garden. Composting recycles the house’s bio degradable waste into rich manure which is a natural fertilizer and also it contributes to land fillings. Composting doesn’t require any hard work. You simply need to dig a compost pit or may buy a compost bin from market. Put in the waste inside the pit such as grass, dead weeds, leaves waste, kitchen waste or leftovers except meat and bones. After a time period you’ll see the rich manure formed out of your home waste.

Avoid wasting food

People who can afford food do not know the real worth of food. Nowadays people just throw away the eatables or the leftovers too carelessly. But before doing any such act of dumping, think for a while is the food worth trashing. If there are any previous day leftovers ,those can be eaten the next day if unspoiled. If you do not prefer eating the previous day cooked veggie you may donate it to a needy. Also you can dump it your home made compost.

Cut down water wastage

It doesn’t costs you anything if you would make limited use of water or adopt water saving habits. Just follow the simple ways to conserve water avoid purchasing water intensive products, check out the leakages use methods of water harvesting, etc.