Tortoises are the choice of pets to many people these days and some of them even think that they are pretty easy to take care of, which is not at all the case. You can not simply purchase a baby tortoise and let it roam around the house and backyard while feeding it and waiting to grow larger and healthy over time. It is true that many pet store owners will ask you whether you have the knowledge on how to raise a tortoise as a pet, and if you are a new tortoise pet owner you will be posted with the necessary things to take god care of this pet.

But if you are not lucky to find a pet store owner providing this information, you will have to learn more on your own. This article will introduce you to some basics of taking care of pet tortoise, but along the way, there may be some particularities coming with the specifics of the tortoise type that you need to get informed about.

However, the basic things you need to provide for your pet tortoise are:

  • Housing – this one can be made in the form of a wooden enclosure or you can simply improvise its own space in a room that is only for its use, regardless if this is outdoor or indoors. Many people consider aquariums a good habitat choice for their pet tortoise, but these spaces are not properly ventilated. Speaking of ventilation, you need to have the housing replicating the climate these reptiles are used to in their natural environment.So make sure they have the heat they require and also consider a ‘cat flap’ through which they can escape and roam around the house or backyard. As to the housing heat, you can use various methods from UV light bulbs to hot rocks or thermo-tubes. Now you have to pay attention at all these electrical installations. They must be installed without posing any threat to the tortoises that are strong enough to damage these electrical appliances.
  • Food – you can not simply consider that any veggie and fruit is good for these pet tortoises without considering the calcium they need for their state of health. So, get the right information related to the good nutrition and keep your pet tortoise in a good health.
  • Water – you probably know that tortoises do not drink water, but you have to install a water pool for them where they need to dive in for bathing and also for leaving there their feces. This water needs to be regularly maintained clean and fresh.
  • Exercise – this requires ensuring your tortoise pet a lot of room and that space where it needs to roam for staying in a fit shape.

When you have decide to have a tortoise as your pet, you should know that their lifespan reaches 100 years, so you have to understand how much care these pets require for a healthy and happy living.