valentine puppy
If you have plans to bring a pet to your home in near future and you have not yet decided as to

which one should you opt for, then the good news is that there are lots of options available for

you ! It could be a dog, or a cat. It could be a rabbit or even a horse. You can even bring birds and

fishes and treat them as pets! However, the final decision should be taken while considering some

important points. They can be listed as under:

a) First of all, you should understand that a pet is not just an animal; when you bring it home, it

becomes a part of your life and you have to take its responsibility. A puppy, for example, is just like

a small baby, which will require a lot of care to be taken for its upbringing. Even, when it grows

up, it will be your responsibility to take care of its comfort. Therefore, it is very important for you

to realize that you have to devote a part of your life in taking care of your pet and bring one to your

home, only when you think that you can do justice with this responsibility.

b) A dog is the most common pet that can be seen around. Not only can it partner with you at the

playground, but it can also be trusted for keeping a watch at your house. However, some people,

especially women, prefer to have a cat than a dog. Cats are kinda lazy and not as demanding as dogs

that could be one of the reason that women like them!

c) Apart from cats and dogs, kids also like rabbits and turtles as their pets. As kids are keen

observer by nature, it did give them immense pleasure to take care of their pets and analyze every

development that happens in them. And if you little one decides to bring a particular pet in your

house, then there is nothing much that is left for you to decide but to accept his decision!

d) Some people also prefer to keep birds or fishes as pets. Although there is nothing much that you

can do with them except that these pets (if you can call them!) would require extreme care and

nourishment to get them going, but then, at the end of the day, it is really left for a person to decide

as to which pet he actually wants to bring home!