There is nobody in this world who would like to fall ill and then take medicines to come out of the

ailment. Doctors too suggest that it is not wise to take medicines unless it is really required and

that one should try to avoid them as much as he can. Sometimes, you might have wondered if it

did be possible to live life without taking any medicines? Well, the answer of this question is that

you will only need medicines when you are severely ill and if you can keep yourself fit or if you

can track the ailment in its initial stage, then you can cure it with alternative therapy methods and

Physiotherapy is one such method.

What is Physiotherapy Used for?

In simple words, physiotherapy means curing an ailment , mostly external pain, with help of a

suitable exercise, like some kind of stretching for by any other measures like heating. The key thing

in it is that no medicines are used in order to cure the ailment.

Why take Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is for those, who prefer to get cured without taking medicines. Many people are

afraid of injections, that are often given along with a medical treatments and at certain cases, there

is also a possibility of surgery. Nobody would prefer to have a surgery for obvious reasons and

therefore, Physiotherapy can help these people by serving as an alternative.

Advantages of Physiotherapy:

There are some obvious advantages of Physiotherapy. The first and the foremost advantage is that

one doe not have to take medicines while undergoing Physiotherapy. There are certain ailments

that does not necessarily requires medicines but due to ignorance and in absence of a suitable

alternative, people ends up making them. This situation can be avoided with help of Physiotherapy.

Another obvious advantage of Physiotherapy is that unlike medicines it does not have any side

effects. Physiotherapy like massage or stretching is a natural process and therefore it does not have

any harmful effect on the body. Also, one can not get addicted by Physiotherapy in any way. Many

patients gets addicted to certain medicines while such a chance is just not possible in any of the

Physiotherapic treatment.

Last but certainly not the least, Physiotherapy treatment is very effective in not only curing the

disease or the pain but it also helps in making the body strong. Body develops resistance against the

ailment and once the body recovers from it, the chances of getting the same ailment again becomes