Recycle City
World is changing fast. Development is rapid and although it aims to make life easy and convenient for people, we can’t deny its side effects either. For example, wooden furniture does comfort us but at the expense of nature. To get wood, millions of trees are chopped of every year, which creates natural imbalance and as a result, we have to face natural disasters like draught and earthquake.

On the other hand, we also can’t deny the importance of these developmental activities and we surely can’t stop development for its side effects. So then, what can be the way out of this problem? At one hand we need to carry on with the developmental process and on the other, we also need to ensure that they have no or at most minimum adverse effect to the Mother Nature. Recycle City can be treated at one of the ways out in this situation.

What is a Recycle City?

Recycle City is the concept of creating a city from the recycled stuff. Everything that is used in it is eco friendly and therefore, it does not have any adverse effect on the nature. Such a city will have all the latest amenities but the base of every product and services that are used in its construction and maintenance are in coordination with nature.

Recycle City will use bio gas plant, which is a natural way for generating electricity. It will not use plastic in any form, be it polythene or any other products which use plastic. Instead, it will use alternative products that are bio degradable and environmental friendly. The automobiles will run on solar energy; so there will be solar cars and solar bikes. The food too will be cooked in solar cookers and the electrical equipments will be replaced by solar ones as well.

The city will also have a more human approach towards the life and will profess eco friendly alternatives. For example, leather products will be replaced by suitable alternative so that animal slaughtering for leather can be prevented. Apart from it, there will be acute emphasis on nature. Abundance of trees, lots of gardens and greenery, farms, vegan lifestyle and everything which is pro nature will be prioritized in it.

In this way, a city which is super pro nature and eco friendly will come in to existence. This concept will then spread across the world and as more and more people show interest in joining their hands for the good of the nature, this world will become a better place to live.