Our brain is the control center, but do we really take good care of it? People nowadays are more focused on the outer appearance, how thin they are and how healthy and fit they look? All this is definitely important and should be taken care of, don’t you think that we are missing out on a very vital facet. Our brain need to be healthy in order to have a fit body.

It is a fact that in the past couple of years, the number of people with mental illness has increases at a great extent; nowadays even the children are seen suffering from mental disorder. But people refuse to accept the truth and feel ashamed to take help of a psychiatrist.

Being physically healthy is not all

Try to make you brain healthy and beautiful before trying to change your body. A Healthy Brain Healthy Body.

Attempt to remove stress from your life

Stress is a very common problem now days. Some amount of stress is fine for the brain because it causes stimulation which helps the brain to function, but the kind of lifestyle that we have, increases the stress at a great extent, which creates mental disorder.

Try to know yourself

It is seen that a person with a healthy mind is generally happy. Being content and happy always results to having a healthy mind and this is not a coincidence. Find out the reason of your stress and try to resolve it to have a healthy brain.

Environmental aspect

It is true that people are affected and influenced by the kind of people they stay or mingle with. You must see that the people you are mixing with have a sound mental condition. For instance, depression is a contagious disease, and if the people around you are depressed then it is likely that you will get depressed too.

Choice of food

Around 50-55% of the brain is made up of fat and the rest of the 45% is protein and carbohydrate. The brain utilizes the fat to protect the nerve cells, the better the protection the better is the reflex action of the brain. For that reason, fat is very good for brain, but all sorts of fats do not serve the purpose. You must consume eatables like walnuts, green vegetables, a medium of omega-3 fats; fish is a source of omega-3 fat which helps the brain to function properly.

Take out a time to relax

Our brain is said to be functioning non-stop, but we must give it some time to relax as well. It is said that stress damages the brain at a great extent, so we must take out time to release the stress to some extent. Breathing exercises, yoga and meditation is very good for relaxation.

Regular exercise

It has been proven that the brain constitutes of 2% body weight and is responsible for 15% of the blood flow, so a regular exercise will not only keep your body fit and healthy but will also keep the arteries of the brain unclogged and open.
We must purposely exercise our brain muscles by exercising, yoga, meditation and proper diet to have a healthy life.

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