Green earth environmental science is no rocket science. It just means that ways that we
Green earth environmental science is no rocket science. It just means that ways that we can adopt in order to make this earth green and keep it that way and one of the best ways to ensure that is by saving energy. Modern man has come to realize that saving energy is profitable for both him and nature. Some of the easiest ways you might think are obvious but when we are looking to conserve energy we should be open minded.

When not in use, appliances should be turned off; this includes computers, monitors, speakers, television sets, radios, dvd players etc. Some energy friendly computers even have the choice of reducing power if you are planning to keep it on for a specific task (defragmenting an entire disc or downloading those videos you took in your holiday can take a long time). Remember that hibernate or stand by for a computer consumes more power compared to shut down.

When going on a trip, remember to shut down all electronic devices, and even unplug them because stand by equipment still uses power in order to be ready for immediate use. Overcharging is another common power consumer, so remember to unplug cords for mobile phones, mp3, iphones etc.

When no one is in a room, we should always turn off the lights, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs. If you have a thermostat for hot water, turn the heater to 49° Celsius for lower consumption and turn your long bath into a short shower to save even more.

As for washing clothes or dishes, try to always use full loads in order to use these appliances less often. Also a tip here to remember is that cold water uses less energy, so remember this when washing clothes.

If we are considering buying new electronic equipment we should look for energy efficient appliances or home electronics that consume less. One thing that we should consider for our home is to seal large air leaks in the house, or even reinforce the walls with insulation to reduce the need for heating with electric power.

Another great way for saving power is to use solar passive items, like light for the garden or energy efficient windows. We can also use small wind powered generators or hybrid (with both solar and wind) to save more power and protect the environment at the same time.

As we talk about renewable energy systems, one should consider the advantages of being connected to the electricity grid. The grid allows powering the house with renewable energy when sun and wind are abundant, feeding back to the grid the surplus, and provides you with what you need when natural resources are insufficient.