dental services
Human mouth is a less exaggerated version as that of cows. Seriously no kidding here. Ever wondered how eating and digesting work hand In hand all the time? Breakfast, lunch, supper, dinner and hey not to forget the in between snacks and tea breaks. It’s like we are always chewing, stuck in a closed loop. Had food not been the basic necessity for survival most of us would have preferred mooching around much more important than working round the clock under deadlines?

Obviously for something we use 24*7 all year long has to be taken care of as well. That’s when dentists sweep their way in! They are specialized surgeons who diagnose, prevent and treat the possible diseases in our oral cavities. One common advice from all of them is to take dental care with all seriousness. After all who wants a set of artificially made up teeth that clatter every time you even think of having something with a hard crust.

Dental care is the maintenance of healthy teeth. It includes the basic do’s and don’ts instructions on oral hygiene- Brushing twice a day, flossing, etc are advised for avoiding dental caries, gum diseases etc.

Need for Dental services:

The need for dental services can be summarized under one popular slogan of yester years- “Prevention is better than cure”. Constant care of our teeth on a daily basis is not a herculean task. One should do it to save themselves from the following fiascos:

1.Tooth Decay

Each tooth is protected by an outer layering called enamel. Brushing everyday and flossing is advised to keep the outer linings cleaned so that no bacteria reside on it, because if they do they start to produce acids that harm the enamel thereby creating cavity.

2.Gum diseases
These happen again when plaque builds along the gum line. More often they tend to make gums firm and more likely for bleeding- the problem is called gingivitis. If not taken care in proper time the infection can lead up to roots and affect the tissues supporting the tooth.

Best Dental Plans

Dental plans are coverage for dental services. The patient gets a reimbursement on expensive treatments such as filling, getting an artificial tooth along with facilities such as regular cleaning. Based on the type of plans they can be sub categorized as follows:

(a)Dental Health Maintenance organization(DHMO) :

It is a plan that provides one with all the necessary dental care from providers in your plan network. The patient sees a particular dentist who refers to specialist if the situation desires so. The plan is more cost-effective with less hassle involved.

(b)Dental Preferred Provider Organization(DPPO) :

This plan gives the patient the liberty to choose its own dentist, inside or outside the aforesaid plan network. No referrals are made for you to go see them. If one see’s the dentist assigned inside their plan network they just have to pay the co insurance up front, and if the dentist is somewhere outside the circle they might end up paying more than usual. Find a Local Dentist on your area and schedule an appointment.