parrot Talking
There are a few species of parrots that people own as pets that can be taught into talking and among them we count: Amazon parrot, Indian Ringneck, African Grey parrot, Umbrella Cockatoo, and Rose Breasted Cockatoo. These ones are the most talkative parrots out of all the species that can be taught into talking. Before we show you some useful tips on getting your parrot into talking, let’s see how exactly words happen to come out of their beak.

First of all you must know that parrots do not have vocal cords but they make use of trachea and syrinx – which is seen as a vocal organ of birds located at the base of their trachea. This helps birds to make sounds without the use of vocal cords that humans have.

The sounds that your pet parrot will make are produced with the help of airflow similarly with the whistling of a person. Aside from this whistling sound, they can as well release sounds by turning their head at one side, this is the reason why you can see your pet parrot turning its head while doing the talking. In the process, parrots will also make use of their tongue to make a modulated sound.

Now that you know how this process manifests, let’s move on to teaching on How to Make Parrot Talk:

  • The best period of time to get it into talking is when your pet turns 6 month old and no earlier or later than this. You should wait until it gets to this age, because you will have plenty of time afterwards to teach it how to talk. Keep in mind that parrots may as well outlive you (their lifespan is around 50 years long) so, by the time you are gone it can have a pretty rich luggage of words in its ‘vocabulary’.
  • When you start the lessons, you need to have a treat at hand to reward your pet parrot with each progress it makes. At the same time, do not forget to place the cage in that side of the house where people always gather, such as the family room. Turn off the TV or any other musical device that can distract both of you.
  • Once you start talking to your parrot you need to do some actions such as for instance, taking the cover off in the morning must be accompanied by “Good morning” and the reverse way when saying “Good night”. You may as well give it a shiny object when saying a word to associate that word with that particular object.
  • Always maintain an enthusiastic tine of your voice because your pet needs to see this teaching as a fun activity and not as something annoying. In case you are gone too often, a better idea would be to record your voice and leave the device on to repeat the words over and over again.

Now that you know on how you can teach your Parrots talk, it will be now your decision to train your parrots talk.