Viral Traffic
Traffic plays a crucial role in the success of a site. If your site receives good Web Traffic Sites, then it is indicative

of its popularity and the next thing that you have to do to make your site success is to cash on this

traffic. But first thing first; you have to ensure that your sites receives good traffic and for that you

have to try different ways of generating traffic for it. One of the effective forms of traffic is the viral


What is Viral Traffic?

The term viral simply means that gets transferred fast from one source to another. Hence, viral

traffic means the traffic which gets spread from one source to another by mode of reference and in

this way the site (linked in the traffic) observes a sudden outburst of visitors on it and within a few

minutes, it can receives thousands and more of visitors. This trend lasts for a short span of time and

then eventually dies and after that, the site traffic stats comes back to normal.

Generating Free Viral Traffic:

There are quite a few tried and tested methods of generating viral traffic. The popular ones among

them include:

1. Email Traffic: This traffic mostly comes in form of a gimmick. Someone plans it deliberately

and then it is circulated and becomes viral. And example could be a message like ‘ get luck

– visit the site ‘site url’ and you could win $$$$$ ‘ This message when forwarded with an

attached message like ‘i have just won $$$$$’ and mailed to 100 people initially, might

get shared by the common network of the recipients and within a few minutes a chain of

forwarded messages is formed which results in substantial number of the readers to visit the

site and try their luck. In this way the site receives viral traffic.

2. Video Marketing : A YouTube video containing the link of the site in its resource box, when

is shared in a planed way, can results in thousands of views within a few minutes and a

substantial number of watches who liked the video are likely to visit the site mentioned in

the resource box and in this way, the site will see a sudden increase of visitors on it.

3. Social Media Traffic: Social networks like Facebook or Twitter can generate viral traffic in no

time. A nice picture or a link, when circulated in a proper way can go viral quickly and result

in creation of viral traffic towards the site linked to the content.