We live in plane Earth and we owe a lot to Mother Nature. Earth seems to be only planet where life exists and we should consider us fortunate to be living in this beautiful planet which is full of life and energy. It is our responsibility to ensure that we try out best to keep our mother nature green and healthy as much as possible. We can play our own small part in this process and that would collectively give great results. One of the ways to do that is by encouraging the use of Green Earth Products.

You may now ask what exactly are Green Earth Products? Well anything which is natural and can minimize pollution and keep our mother nature green and clean are known as Green Earth Products. They are mostly natural resources that do not need any processing and can serve one purpose or the other without harming nature. Then there are also other products that are although made by men, but they are still made while keeping the benefit of nature in mind. They are made for the good of the nature and they cause no pollution and nor do they harm earth in any other way. They too fall in this category.

Let us try to explain this further. One of the most natural product of earth is water. We can find water almost anywhere. Rain water is the purest form of water that can be used in drinking as well as for any other activity like washing, dishing, bathing etc. As it is pure and natural therefore it will not cause any harm to Mother Nature and hence it can be called as green earth product. However it is a natural product and man has no role to play in its production.

Now let us take the case of petrol. Although it is useful for running automobiles but it causes a lot of pollution as well. It is made after a process of manufacturing and hence it is a man made product and it is not a green product. However, if you use a solar car instead of a petrol car then you will use solar energy for its functioning. In this way by simply using a solar car you will contribute in making this earth green and pollution free. Hence a solar car can be called as a man made product but it is also a green earth product at the same time.