Dental veneers can help you in attaining a great smile. If you have pale or disfigured teeth, then you are obviously going to feel conscious while smiling, fearing that it would put them on display. Although there is nothing much that can be done to change the teeth that you have, you can still hide your front teeth behind dental veneers and make them look good. A veneer is a thin coating made up of ceramic that resembles to the colour of the enamel. They can be easily fixed over the front teeth with help of a bonding agent. Once done, they would just look like natural teeth and nobody would be able to figure out that they are unreal unless one examines them closely. In this way you would be able to get a quick changeover.

The process of installing veneer is simple, quick and painless. First of all the dentist is going to perform a regular oral check up on you. In case there is an issue that needs to be addressed and fixed before installing them, then he will take care of it. For example, there could be some kind of infection in your mouth that needs to be treated prior to the installation of veneers can take place or it would be just a regular dental cleaning that is required before proceeding ahead with the installation of veneers. All that you need to do is to follow the instruction of the dentist.

After the inspection of your teeth, the dentist will take the measurements of the teeth for which veneers are to be prepared. These measurements will then be sent to the laboratory where the veneers are going to be prepared. In the next sitting the dentist will fix them on their respective teeth with help of a bonding agent. The whole process of installation is going to take less than half an hour. Once you have them on, you would be able to use your teeth as before. Just remember not to try to break hard food stuff from your front teeth as that might crack the veneers. Once cracked, they can not be repaired and in that case you will have to replace them with new one. As such, you should not have any problem after their installation, but just in case you face any problem, then you can always contact your dentist and he will let you know how to deal with it.