How to Increase Traffic to Your Website
When you build a site, you do it for a purpose. It may be for a hobby or for commercial interest, but

to accomplish your goals you require its takers; someone who visits your site. This visitor is plays an

important role in the success of your site and therefore, every site that needs to be successful has to

have lots of regular visitors on it.

There are different ways by which one can Drive Traffic to Website some of them are paid ones

while the others are free; not that they are ‘free’ as such but they can be executed by yourself and

in this way, you can save the money, that you would had otherwise spent on hiring someone for

these tasks. These methods re especially helpful for the newbies, who wither do not have money

to promote their site or want to learn the art of online promotion. In any case, you can use the

following methods to drive free traffic to your site.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

a) Article Traffic: Content plays a curtail role in determining the success of this method. Under

this method, you write simple and useful articles on the subjects related to your site and

then promote them using article directories, with a link of your site mentioned either within

the article or at the end. In this way, when someone reads your article and finds it useful, he

is likely to visit the site that is being mentioned in the article and in thus, you get a visitor.

Some of these articles can get ranked well in the search engine results for the related

keywords and this can result in developing a consistent stream of new visitors on your site.

b) Video Marketing : Video marketing works in the same way as above. The content of the

video is important factor here as well. If the video is interesting and useful to the viewer and

it is related to your site, then you are likely to see great traffic back to your site due to your


c) Social Media Traffic: Social networks have become the most popular ways of driving great

traffic and in the fastest possible way. Thousands of visitors can be directed to your site

using these networks, provided you have a great active profile on social networks like FB and


d) Traffic Exchange Networks: If you just want to receive traffic in quantity, then you can join

any of the traffic exchange network and receive hundreds and thousands of traffic from

them. It is a simple process of give and take where you visit a website and in return you earn

some credit points for it, which can be used to buy visitors back to your site.