Link Building
Most of the websites consider Google guidelines before practicing any link building strategy

over them. Google has always been clear about certain points and one of them is it wants the

webmasters to play it neat and clean. Keeping this in mind, the following tips will be helpful for the

webmasters for framing out an effective link building strategy for their sites.

SEO Link Building Strategy

1. Profile Links : Profile links are considered to be one of the neatest source of acquiring a back link.

Now days, there are so many social networks like Facebook and Twitter, that can serve as great

modes of getting a back link. Irrespective of their follow status (do follow or no follow) these links

have been found valuable for the overall SEO of a site.

2. Article Links : Although Google has pointed out that Article directories may know enjoy the same

great standings which they did a few years back, but still, seeing the practical results, a link from

a reputed article directory like Ezine is not only useful for a site, but also helps in driving targeted

traffic to it.

3. Video Links – A great Youtube video, when linked back with your site can do magic; not only you

get a great back link, but it also helps in building a stream of consistent traffic back to your site.

4. Guest Blogging – Writing a s a guest blogger in exchange of a link is also a good idea and gives

positive SEO results. The point that you need to remember her is that do not link to blogs that are of

low quality; it is a thousand times better to write a guest post on a new and promising blog than to

write for an old and spammy blog, which gives a ‘sponsored’ feel at the first look.

Three or four way link – Google has been strict with the reciprocal links and it has been observed

that they are not giving desired SEO results anymore. So, if you plan to get involved in link exchange,

then you have to do it in either three or four way form. It is also sensible to get involved with both

niche based and general sites while doing link exchange. The best way is to make a trusted circle of

quality sites owners and do the link exchange with mutual understating; mix things in such a way

that the back links looks natural.