dogs emotions
A study published in the Journal of Current Biology reveals that, dogs understand human emotion through their voice.

Using magnetic resonance imaging in dogs and humans, scientists from the Hungarian

Academy of Sciences, analyzed how they respond to human voices and barking and canine


The results show that dog’s process human voices in the same way that people process.

Therefore, only by his voice, the dog can decide whether a person is happy or sad.

Additionally, the study also focused on emotionally charged sounds like a cry or a laugh.

The results show that in addition to evolve to live in the same environment, humans and

dogs have also developed similar brain mechanisms.

The dog is the first non-primate animal that responds to the voices that way

According to the study, the dog’s brain works in a similar way to the human brain, both

having a region dedicated to sound processing. At the sound of a human voice, the same

part of the brain of the dog and the human being is activated: the temporal pole.

The fact that these regions exist in the brain of the dog is a surprise. It is the first time it is

seen in an animal other than a primate.

People respond to the barking in the same way that dogs respond to voices

Likewise, when a person hears the sound of crying or a dog barking, the same areas are

activated in the human brain.

While, in the case of dogs, even understanding human voices, his response was barking

louder. And likewise, the human brain is more sensitive to human, comparatively sounds.

Both brains process who emits sound and how that guy feels. The study implies that dogs

may process emotions just as people.

The implications of this study for the theory of evolution are large canine

This study has important implications for the theory of evolution of man with dog, showing

that both evolved to communicate better and understand what everyone feels.

Being in the same region in both brains, the study shows that the area of the canine brain

probably evolved about 100,000 years ago, during the early interactions and coexistence

between humans and dogs.