Do you own a pet dog and wanting to train it? It is obvious that after buying a dog, every owner wants it to be smart and that can only be done with you train him. You may not be a professional dog trainer, but you can become one and train your own pet dog following several ways on how to teach your dog. Keep on reading and I will guide you through:

We have our own language and so with dogs. Don’t let them understand your language since that would be an insane thing to do. Hence, know their language – body language to be specific. Dogs communicate through their body and the tone of their voice. Simply, this is how they send their message and if you learn understanding those, and then a misunderstanding can be reduced.

Aside from understanding a dog’s body language, it can be helpful also training them if you understand the meaning of the dog barks and noises. Amongst the domesticated animals, dogs are the most expressive. Being the master of your pet, when you learn the meaning of your dog’s barking and noise signals, it would not be very difficult for you to tame them.

Similar to human beings, learning sessions have different levels. On dogs, it is more recommendable training them when they are still young. First thing the dog needs to know is the sense of obedience. Definitely, training a dog requires time and patience, therefore a 30-minute training session for your dog is sufficient or you can extend it to 45 minutes including the play time.

After understanding the body language and behavior of your dog, you can now start training your dog. The most basic training lessons are to teach your dog how to sit, stay and come. When you train your dog how to sit, stay and come, you will need a six-foot lead and dog small treats. Teaching the dog to sit can be done by gently patting the dog’s rear while saying sit and then walk a few steps and repeat the command. Every time the dog obeys, reward him with the treat and do this daily until such time that the dog sits without the lead. When teaching your dog to stay, always command the dog to do the first or previous lesson. Command the dog to sit then walk a few steps and then stop and say stay. After that, gradually walk a few feet back holding the lead then wait for two minutes. Teach your dog only to come after perfecting the second lesson.

When the dog has learned how to sit, stay and come, next lesson would be to teach the dog the “NO” command. There can be other things to teach our dogs, but do not rush your dog to learn them all. It takes time and you must keep your patience in teaching them. Training your dog can be lighter and easier when you consider it as your bonding or fun time with your pet.