Dogs on a Bridge

There is no doubt that Dogs has had enjoyed their association with humans since the history

pages can be traced. The oldest of history books often depicts pictures of nomadic man with a dog

following him and the situation has not changed much since then! Dog has been one of the most

friendly and the most loyal among all pets. So, if you would like to have a dog as a pet, then it

would be not much of a surprise to anyone!

Selecting the Dog Breed:

Dogs have different breeds and it is left for you to deride which one would you like to get for

yourself. From the cute Pomeranian to the wild German Shepard and the dangerous looking

Doberman, you can have a look at hundreds of breeds before you finally make up your mind.

But do remember, every breed will have different requirements in terms of their food, shelter and

lifestyle and therefore before you make up your med, you have to also consider these facts and

select the one, which you would be able to take care in the most suitable way.

Taking care of your Dog:

A dog requires to be bought up just like a baby. It needs to be nourished properly and you have

to also take care of its accommodation. You can create a small hut for your dog or define a place

where he is going to live. Apart from it, you have to keep him clean and give him regular showers.

Take your pet to the ground and make it do all the possible physical activities like catching the ball,

as much as it can. Regular check up with vat can help him keeping away from any serious health

disorder but the most important part it to keep it active. If the dog is active, then it is unlikely to get

ailed at any time.

Dog can serve as a great friend of yours and can also be your best stress buster at times. Playing

with the dog is one of the best ways to relax your self. Dogs are also very loyal and obedient.

Training a dog can be interesting as well as challenging. When you try to make them learn a new

thing, you also end up leaning the art of teaching! In this way, a dog is capable of bringing a lot of

positive changes in your life!