feeding the dog
Humans suffer from constipation caused by some imbalanced food or dehydration, this condition can likewise happen to dogs. When constipation occurs to our pet dogs, surely that can be an unpleasant experience for both the dog and the owner. Hence, there are treatments available at home or in the veterinary clinic. Although, when one is not sure of the home remedies for dogs with constipation, it would still be best to consult your vet for some advice.

Similar to men, what could have lead dogs to be constipated are insufficiency of exercise and improper diet. Therefore, in order to brush away the stress and trouble seeing our pet dogs have the hard time to remove their waste, there can be several home care remedies to try and can be applied to ease the condition.

Definitely, best dog food in this case will be the one, which rich in fiber as it will help to soften the dog’s stool. Hence, adding one or two teaspoons of bran on the dog’s meal is a must-try. A vet recommended food for a constipated dog is a canned pumpkin. Pumpkin became increasingly popular for dogs because of its richness in fiber and its sufficient amount of water content. More so, the taste of the pumpkin attracts to dogs’ sense of smell which certainly would not be a problem feeding them. However, make sure to feed your dog with canned pumpkin and not that of pumpkin pie which contains spices and flavorings.

Wet canned dog food can be another solution. Buy only a high-quality wet canned dog food which has more fiber, water and low grain content. Wet canned dog food is easier to digest which likewise helps your dog to move regularly.

Another home remedy to allow your dog eliminate without even forcing is adding psyllium to its food. Psyllium is an herbal fiber supplement which is also highly recommendable. Due to the wide spread commercialized pet foods; hence it is necessary to be cautious with what you purchase since some fiber supplements contain sugar and artificial food colorings.

Who would have thought that mineral oil or olive oil would be a home remedy for dogs with constipation? When you are certain that your pet dog is suffering from constipation, a little amount of olive or mineral oil can be mixed to the food of the dog. It is not advisable to give it directly or too much of the oil because this can lead to another worse condition called diarrhea.

As a pet owner, we never want our dogs to feel ill, therefore we consider healthy foods for them. It is basic to know and give our pets what is best for them – foods rich in fiber and hydration.