Raising a pet is not an easy task. A puppy needs to be taken care just like a small baby and even after the puppy grows in to a dog; he is still dependent on the master for his daily bread and butter requirements. Therefore, as an owner of the pet, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet gets a healthy diet. So the obvious question that would come in your mind is ‘which is the best dog food available in the market’?

The first thing that you need to understand here is that the so-called ‘best dog food’ may not be necessarily available in the market. Yes, there are lots of popular brands in the market that sells dog food but, as there couldn’t be anything better for a child than a mother’s milk, in the same way, there can’t be a substitute for home cooked food for dogs as well.

However, this does not mean that you can prepare just any type of home cooked food to your dog. Eating habits of a dog is different from that of a man and therefore, you should prepare food, which is suitable for your dog and not what you find tasty for yourself! So the next question that arises is what is a healthy diet for a dog? In general, dogs need a protein rich diet. Another point that you need to keep in mind is that sugary food is not good for dog’s health and can result in quick hair fall of your dog. Therefore, try to avoid feeding your dog with anything that has lots of sugar or starch in it.

If you have time and are willing to prepare food for your dog on a regular basis, then it is recommended to consult a dog expert and inquire with him about the essentials of diet requirements for a dog. He will be able to provide you the exact diet chart for your dog and you just need to follow it. He can also examine your dog and suggest in case your dog requires any special diet.

An important point to remember here is that you should not try to experiment with dog’s food without proper knowledge. If you don’t know for sure that the food, which you are preparing for your dog is suitable for him, then it would be better to feed your dog with a branded dog food from the market. A home cooked dog food is only good when you know how to prepare it!