Finding affordable dental treatment in the U.S. and Canada could be difficult, even if you have medical insurance. There has been a trend of dental tourism that is growing amongst citizens of US and Canada. And it’s not just limited to tooth removal and oral care, but cosmetic dentistry procedures like Veneers installation are also available in India at affordable rates. The cost of treatment is much less in India as compared to what it would cost to get the same treatment done in the United States or Canada, while the quality of the treatment is at par with international standards.

Many insurance companies in the US and Canada do not see cosmetic dentistry as a necessity and so, they may not cover the part of the cost of the procedure. As a result the costs of these procedures are too expensive for some to get done. But in India, you can receive these treatments at an affordable rate. A tooth implant only costs around $ 200 to start and a Veneer installation too would cost almost the same.

Even if these prices are too steep for you there are medical loans available. There are three companies that offer loans for people to be able to afford all of these procedures. You can get them at affordable rates and the repayment terms are fair so you don’t have to worry about a loan that takes more from your wallet than you originally wanted.

Essentially these loans provide you the opportunity to receive the treatment and repayment still keeps the cost to lower than what you would pay full cost in the United States or Canada.

Dental tourism in India has risen in number and popularity over the past few years. This is simply because they offer quality treatment at affordable rates. The medical loans that are available can be best found through a broker who can find you the best deal based on your credit rating.

The best part of the deal is that you get an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world and get a chance to see the great Taj Mahal. While you are undergoing dental treatment, you will have enough time to get in touch with Indian culture and her rich heritage. The total cost of the tout including the treatment will be just under what you will pay for the same treatment in U.S or Canada. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to consider dental tourism in India.