root canalIf you have recently visited a dentist and he has suggested you to do a root canal therapy, then you

might have had got an unpleasant feeling inside you. This is total understandable as the very name

of the treatment sounds quite dangerous! But the good thing is that contradictory to its name, root

canal therapy is quite simple and does not involves any heavy treatment on your teeth. It is very

effective and is helpful in saving you beloved teeth to a great extent!

What is Root Canal Therapy:

A root canal therapy is required when your tooth or teeth, as the case may be are in bad shape and

requires instant action to be taken against them but however, then situation is under control and

you did be able to save them partially or fully, with help of root canal therapy. It basically involves,

cleaning your tooth deep down, right in to its root (hence the name – root canal) and then to cement

the vacant space by filling it up suitably with a filler, so that it remains protected from entrance of

any type. This is completed in three to five sittings, depending on the condition of your teeth.

Why Have a Root Canal

As stated above, root canal therapy is nothing to be feared about. It is a simple process of firstly

cleaning and then refilling the teeth and is one of the most common treatment involving oral health.

With advance technology and equipments, one hardly feels any pain while the treatment takes

place. The most dangerous part of the complete process is probably the name of the treatment; other

things are quite simple! So, there is nothing to be afraid of root canal therapy.

Proceeding with Root Canal Therapy:

You just need to take care of your oral health before and after root canal therapy takes place. The

aim of the treatment is to save you teeth at the right time by fixing the problem in the mid way. In

this way by taking the right action at the right time, you are able to save your teeth, which otherwise

might have been plucked altogether. So, one needs to be thankful that his precious teeth are being

saved with help of this treatment. Once root canal therapy is done, one needs to take proper care of

his oral health so that such a situation could be prevented from happening in future.