How to Take Care of your Garden

Caring for a Garden

Garden is an essential part in most family homes, it provides tranquility and additional homey

atmosphere that makes you want to stay and cuddle at the comfort of your house. Most people

pertains to garden as one of the most beautiful area in the house, with its green, lively and fresh

atmosphere the garden can calm even the most toxic and stressful day.

Gardens could be as small as a few flower pots in the yard or as big as a whole greenhouse and

whatever the size of your garden might be the following aspects are vital in taking good care of

your little paradise at home.

Taking Care of Outdoor Plants

• Trim your plants – pruning and cutting is a good way of keeping your plants healthy just like

our hair, trimming removes dead or damaged area and allows the plant to grow faster. Shape

them according to your desire but be careful so as not to damage sensitive buds or roots.

• Morning is the best time to water your plants, during summer where the weather is hot and

harsh put a cover on your sensitive breeds especially flowering plants to keep them from

drying and wrinkling. If possible put flower pots inside your home during extreme weather

conditions. Growing trees also benefit both human and plants as it provide perfect cover on

any climate.

• Buy a good fertilizer brand – the soil contains essential nutrients needed by the plants

but some plants require additional fertilizer to keep them in utmost health. There are lots

of organic or synthetic fertilizers available in the market today, consult the seller if you

don’t know what kind of fertilizer your plants would need. Using natural nourishment like

compost fertilizer is also great and less expensive.

• Once in a while spray insecticide to keep harmful insects from invading your plants.

• Weeding is also needed to keep them from taking away the nutrients of the soil. If you

want to eradicate the weeds but lacks enough time you could use vinegar spray for a more

environment friendly substitute to chemical weed spray.

• Spare extra care and attention to newly transferred plants as they are not yet healed from the

shock over transferring. Gently water them and avoid touching often allowing the root to

cling fully in the soil.

Plants are like human too, they live, breathe and requires nourishment and attention. If you want to

keep them in the best of health treat them as you treat any living creature in your house.