Blogging these days becomes in demand. Many bloggers are now aware of the monetary benefits when they notice their blog sites being visited by many. It is like a contagious disease that at first it is just a mere passion, but when hits on your blog site increases, the yearning to generate income likewise increases. What could have been the secret for a certain blog site to be effective? It is simple – define an effective SEO strategy for your blog and stick to it.

Search engine optimization is the secret behind those increasing hits and page views and how to do it is the purpose of this article. Advertizing is not sufficient to catch a person’s attention to view your blog site because the tendency is that he may only visit the site, but ignore what’s in it resulting your other pages be ignored. In such case, that is when tags, labels or keywords enter to the picture. Here are a few tips to consider:

In your blog site, you have a several pages as categorized perhaps in different topics and under each pages, a very long list of posts were there. How can other posts be noticed? One is to link your posts to each other. How linking works is easy.

• Enter your blog site and edit one of your posts

• Make sure you remember the links from other posts

• And then, highlight a text, word or words on one post

• Click on the hyperlink tab and a pop-up window appears

• On said window, insert the hyperlink and save

• If the color changes, that means the link is saved

• Click on it and you will be redirected to that link.

As mentioned earlier, tags, labels and keywords are essential in a blog site. Optimize your blog posts with keywords separate with comma. However, keywords or tags are not merely words in the contents rather words that can best describe the entire post. For example: the post is about a specific food or a recipe or a review of that food, hence you can put the keywords like “food”, “food review or food recipe”, and so on.

Another tip to consider is optimizing your blog with a sitemap. A sitemap helps crawlers or users to easily find pages on your site. What else? Titles likewise play an important role on SEO. Make sure that you choose a title which is attractive and searchable. This means that you have to place yourself in the shoes of a reader. Having a unique title maybe good some times, but not always when it comes to your SEO strategy because your post may be hard to find. Optimizing your titles with keywords would appear like this:

Title: Food Recipe: How to Cook a Prawn Tempura

Keywords: Food recipe, Prawn Tempura, Food, Prawn tempura recipe

Moreover, consider sharing your links in Facebook or Twitter. In that case, make sure to write something sensible because if your friends like your post, tendency will be shared.