Dogs are amongst world’s most common pets.. It is known for long time that dogs are considered man’s best friend. Such can be seen in movies, which truly manifests even in real life. Among the many breeds of dog, Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies occupies their own special place among pet lovers.

Undoubtedly, people who have them at home can certainly tell why they can be called as man’s best friend. Most of the dogs’ traits – loyal, unconditional love, sweet, show companionship, smart, and the like. Not just those they are wonderful creatures; they can likewise provide assistance according to the owner’s needs.

Remembering the story of a popular Japanese dog named Hachiko, depicts the true definition to be a man’s best friend. In Japanese, “Hachi” means eight, which refers to the dog’s birth order and “ko” means prince or duke. Again, Hachiko is a remarkable dog leaving an example due to his loyalty or faithfulness to his master even after the latter’s death due to cerebral hemorrhage. Due to Hachiko’s known behavior and trait, a statue was built in his remembrance, hence, April 8 each year is celebrated in honor of his memory. The tale of Hachiko has not spread solely in the magazine and children’s books. He was likewise became a subject of a 1987 movie entitled, Hachiko and another movie which was released in August 2009 entitled, Hachiko: A Dog’s Story.

Dogs not just being a man’s best friend, they can be considered part of the family. Whatever care you show to your pet is being reciprocated with their loyalty and friendship. They can be as harmless as you expect them to be, but becomes protective and aggressive when an aggressor in the home or against his master happens. Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies can go along with their masters wherever they go – on camps or vacation trips. Owning dogs as companions at home can bring joy and security, thus driving away loneliness to elderly and entertainment to young ones.

Definitely, having them can be a big responsibility to the owner and usually costly because of the regular visits with the vet, grooming, and their food and at the same time when unexpected medical expenses occur, yet everything will be worth it of your time, effort and money. You can expect unconditional love from Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies all the time for sure.